Would you hire a Python/Airflow expert OR a Database/SQL expert for a Data Engineer position?

Which expert would you choose?

In my team (and on the market) the job is shifting more and more, let’s look at that more closely!

1 — The Data Engineer and its ancestor role

2 — Software craftsmanship DataOps

3 — Data after all

1 — The Data Engineer and its ancestor role

We are in 1990, the sun is shining and somewhere, someone realizes: “We have no Data Management, John !”. And BOOM, Business Intelligence was born.

Business Intelligence practices are a way to organize Data and make it understandable for reporting purposes. More precisely, a BI engineer…

Welcome! Here you will discover how to make Redshift great again by identifying the exact problem you have, and the adequate solution for it.

At the beginning, everything was so simple. You were alone on your beautiful new cluster. He was new, big, and so fast. But quickly, more and more people are working on it. Just like invaders on a new promise land, they plunder the wealth of your cluster without thinking about consequences.

Pioneers discovering Redshift

Only one person is responsible for it: You! After a while, you encounter some problems that are penalizing:

  1. Disk full error
  2. Your query is not…

Passionate about Data, startup, gaming … And love to share that

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